Senior Gymnasts in Northwest Arkansas

Meet our graduating seniors! These gymnasts have worked tirelessly to perfect their sport, all while taking classes and, for many of them, holding part-time jobs. Click below to read their stories. Congratulations, graduates!

We Are Proud of Our Seniors!

Imani Gosserand

In high school, Imani Gosserand '21 found time for nearly 24 hours of gymnastics practice a week as captain of her team, while still excelling in her studies and volunteering in her community. When it came to choosing a college, she looked for a place that would challenge her academically while stimulating her multifaceted interests.

Kate Aase

Thank you for everything you have done for me the past two years. I'm so grateful for all the opportunities you have opened up for me. You have helped me grow as a person and I will forever be thankful for that. I wish you the best!! -Kate